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The young have something no one else has or ever will have. Time.

It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Monday, December 26, 2011

"Bring a pitcher of beer every seven minutes until someone passes out. Then bring one every ten minutes."

L and A joined a few uni friends for ice-skating as part of a christmas celebration. L is completely uncoordinated, and spent most of the time gripping the handrail with a tightly clenched white fist and gasping in terror while several of her smart arse friends wizzed by, spraying ice into her face. A isn't exactly athletic unless someone pisses her off, but compared to L she was practically Michelle Kwan. At least she could skate around and didn't walk out with ice burns.

Afterwoods, A naturally suggested drinks and happy hour begun with 2-for-1 cocktails and cheap beer. A was soon dancing on the decidedly quiet bar, much to the amusement of the bartender. He even joined her for a bit, as did L. The others however were more content to stare openmouthed. A then sent a bunch of mocking photos to the guy she is currently trying to piss off after he defaced her guestbook message at a recent wedding and stomped on her feet during the traditional dancing. L tried to stop her, but there will be no peace until there is a surrender.

A is also still seeing dinner date, however it has progressed from fast food after nights out to actual (gasp!) real food at a normal time of day. Of course A usually has a few shots prior and a wine on arrival but she is still (gasp!) dating this guy. And having sex with him apparently, not to mention V. Dinner date seems a sweet guy despite his tongue piercing and bass guitar, but that may be his failing. A has never been the sort to go for nice guys. No, she goes for arrogant arseholes and cheating people wearing an engagement ring.

J nearly missed a conert she went to with Druggie after meeting her out in the suburbs and smoking too much of something that wasn't tobacco. They missed the support band but just made it in time. Lucky, because J hates to miss a mosh pit no matter what kind of funny fags she's been smoking. Druggie was still a bit odd and standoffish, but that may be because she'd just come off a three day bender and hadn't slept and was looking like Alice Cooper on a really bad day.

J has also been successfully avoiding Motley Crue and Wow, but she did have to face a disaster family christmas where everyone but her was part of a couple. Her (now apparently sappy) cousins brought along girls they'd been dating less than 6 months and spent most of dinner ignoring J and holding hands and whispering to each other. It was almost too much for J when there were a few outside drinks but they had to go inside because one of the girlfriends was too cold. It was a warm, if not hot, 26C day. J had no idea how to escape the swarm of couples and it made her sick to the stomach. She drank and smoked heavily before throwing up behind some bushes. She sees her cousins approximately twice a year and they see their girlfriends all the time, but had no interest in talking to her or anyone else for that matter. And who even brings 6-month-old girlfriends? They'll be someone else next year. It's enough to make anyone physically ill, let alone someone who's just sculled a bottle of grapa.