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Thursday, December 29, 2011

"Don't you know people write songs about girls like you"

E recently made an announcement. He's been offered a new job. It's a great opportunity, and a job in the field he actually wants to work in (graphic design) rather than the hospitality waiter/barista jobs he's been working for the past few years. The only hitch? The job is in New Zealand. It's also only a limited tenure 6-month contract, but the company has let him know there is possibilty for extension if the project he will be working on goes well.

It should all be pretty exciting. A new job, a job you've been working towards for years, and a chance to travel and live overseas. Except for E's new relationship with M.

Actually, M doesn't mind. She's planning on traveling for over a month fairly soon and feels their relationship is strong enough to survive the distance. Plus, it's only 6 months. However E wants her to move over with him and M isn't prepared to do that. They haven't been together that long and she has plans for herself in the new year. She's thinking of going back to school and dong some study or at least changing jobs (she is so sick of IT!) and setting up for her career and future. Plus, she's already been to New Zealand and has no desire to live there. E isn't exactly happy. This is the kind of guy that wasn't pleased when his girlfriend took a beach vacaction without him. It could be his history of dating psychotic girls, but he isn't used to being with someone as easygoing and perhaps blase as M. She doesn't understand what he's so worried about and why he keeps acting jealous. They've known each other forever and been good friends for a long time. What is he worrying about? Let's just hope the two of them can stay together at least before the distance becomes a problem.

J bumped into an ancient hook-up of hers vampire a few days ago and shacked up with him for several nights. It was well and good until he asked her what she was doing for New Year's Eve and became upset when her plans didn't include him. Exactly what was he expecting? A few days of sex do not a relationship make, and they aren't quite friends either. J quickly cut him loose and is now ignoring texts from him suggesting they catch up in the new year. He became clingy way too fast and that is never a good sign for future involvement. J's a bit disappointed with that, because he can do amazing things with his tongue...

A is amazed with how nice dinner date is. He is really spoiling her, taking her out for (moderately) expensive dinners, making her pancakes for breakfast in the morning and sending her cute messages when he hasn't seen her in a few days. The complete opposite of V, who only calls her for a booty call. A is getting exhausted by the niceness though and he makes her feel guilty because she is never that nice.