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Monday, December 12, 2011

"Very well, then. War!"

A has a reputation for being violent and aggressive, but usually it's all fun and games. It's mostly just joking around and she doesn't get that physical in daily life. Her bitchy comments are usually just jokes and she throws most of her punches in mosh pits where it's perfectly socially acceptable to fight strangers. But everyone should remember that there's still a reason she has such a reputation, and that's because when someone pisses A off they always lose. Physically and verbally, no one wants to go a few rounds with her.

Many of her friendships are characterised by joking around and playful insults, and such is the case with her group of uni friends. However a couple of months ago one of her friends suggested she was being a little harsh to another one of their friends who was particularly sensitive. A made a big apology and has gone out of her way to be nice to him for the last few months. However everyone has continued talking (joking in most cases) about how she's always a bitch to him, him included. A didn't really care. Since then it has in fact been him who's been a bit of a prick to her by 'forgetting' to invite her out once and generally ignoring her or making snide jokes about her intelligence etc. Apparently the tables had turned, and A became the victim.

Last weekend was a mutual friend's wedding (yeah, since when did we start attending weddings??) and he took it too far be defacing A's comment in the guestbook. A was really pissed off because it was an attack on their friend rather than her. The guestbook will be a memory of her special day forever and A was not pleased that her heartfelt message was ruined. She would probably have accepted it and moved on if he'd apologised, the way she had when the shoe was on the other foot and she had taken it too far, but when she confronted him he ignored it.

So now? Game on, except it's no game. Some intensely bitchy comments left A's mouth for the rest of the reception, to the point where one of their friends pulled her aside and suggest she turn it down a notch because he was almost in tears. A did, but only because she didn't want to ruin the wedding. In the future, his tears will mark her success.

Don't mess with A. She's fuckin' crazy.