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Friday, November 30, 2012

"Normal is the watchword"

Sometimes I think this blog should have a disclaimer. Not really, because this is just what everyone talks about after a few cocktails right? I mean, what hand do you masturbate with?

The question of the week: just how gross is it to have sex with your period? Is it gross as in never ever ever go there gross, or is it gross in a well-its-not-perfect-but-what-is-fuck-it-lets-do-it kind of way?

Naturally, J had plenty of stories involving the wrong time of the month. Some of them involved ditching a tampon behind a tree and fucking a guy in a bush and not mentioning a thing to him, even though he may have ended up walking home with blood all over his face. The scene by Nikki Sixx in The Dirt? If we were alive then, J would SO have been that girl. The point? J will never let anything get in the way of her sex life. And she's found that most guys don't seem to have a problem with it. Of course, they probably would if their attention was brought to it. But apparently Motley Crue actually seemed to enjoy it...maybe he was thinking of himself as Nikki Sixx.

A and M are both not fans. But then again, neither of them fancy sex in the park and do not want to be cleaning their beds out in the morning.

As for L, she uses it as an excuse not to have sex with guys. And the charming ones who suggest it doesn't matter and she can just 'bleach the shit out of it' in the morning? Yeah, no one is ever going home with those guys. Even J wouldn't take them home. But maybe to their place.