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It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"Are you insane? (Are you kidding me?)"

C is home! After four months of hilarious posts and photos showing up on facebook, drunken antics and the kind of craziness that only comes from travel he has returned to the land of...well, us.

But C is perhaps not the same guy that left us. For one thing, he hasn't come back alone. He has come back in a relationship. With another guy.

C has always been the guy who seems kinda gay but isn't. He is slightly flamboyant and  his interests include Freddie Mercury, musical theatre and singing along to p!nk. All of his relationships, his flings and most of his hook-ups have been with those of the female persuasion. He's never been against a bit of experimentation but, up until now, that's all it had been. Experimentation. He's always wanted a family and kids so it was always sort of assumed he'd end up with a girl. If course, he's always been a whore so it wasn't necessarily assumed he'd end up with anyone. But apparently he managed to pick up and older, rich Irish bloke in his travels. Said bloke is even following him to Australia for a few months.

C has started to talk about settling down and maybe moving into a place with him. He sounds nostalgic about his old life of dancing around stripper poles and slutting around but he doesn't seem to really miss it. He seems content to stay at home with his new boy and watch Can of Worms. And nothing says succumbing to coupledom like watching Can of Worms. Nothing.

A is horrified. So is J since they used to have so much in common, but C has been one of A's closest friends for years. And he has been a party friend. What is she supposed to do with him now? C always used to be the guy who was up for anything, and always had the best solutions fro drunk injuries (vodka cruiser label anyone?) and now? He's at home watching Can of Worms. Commitment-phobic A and party-girl J just may have meltdowns.