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The young have something no one else has or ever will have. Time.

It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Hi! My name is..."

I've had a few emails about proper descriptions of the 6 main characters in this blog. Well, I say characters but they aren't exactly fictional I'm not sure what to call us. Just people. Friends. That works. We're all friends. 6 main friends. Anyway, I'm not going to include photos because well, I don't use photos on this blog and also because we're not photographer like people. You know how there's those friends of your's on facebook who take photos of every major event (every party, night out, music festival) they attend? That's not us. We rarely take photos because we're actually out having fun. When you're going crazy in the middle of a mosh pit you don't have time to take photos. We don't have photos that really capture who we are. So I'll just stick to words.

  • Long blonde hair, blue eyes, very tall, very pretty, several piercings and tattoos
  • Always wears skirts or dresses. Never seen in pants or shorts. Ever. Also always wears high heels, not that she needs to
  • Can't go a day without red bull, V, Mother, Monster or some other from of caffeinated, sugared energy drink
  • Acts a lot like Samantha from Sex and the City in that she is sexually aggressive. Lies to get guys into bed
  • Listens to all kinds of music and has a soft spot for hip-hop and hyphy
  • Still lives with her parents
  • Is an on/0ff uni student, about to be off again. Usually studies science when at uni.
  • Speaks 3, sometimes 4, language
  • Has worked a lot of jobs and is currently employed in retail
  • Smokes like a chimney and drinks like a fish


  • Short in stature but makes up for it in big personality. Ever-changing hair colour, is black and very short at the moment which was used to cover up a disaster blue/orange experiment
  • Wardrobe is almost entirely black with a lot of denim and leather
  • Has an opinion on everything
  • Not afraid to punch randoms if they piss her off
  • Thinks How I Met Your Mother is the least funny show on TV (along with J, similar sense of humour being friends forever)
  • Law student without ambition
  • Works in retail
  • Drinks too much coffee
  • Is always sick
  • Committment-phobic to the core


  • Tall and with the kind of breasts most women pay good money for. Brunette, brown eyes
  • Obsessed with shoes although spends summer in thongs and winter in knee-high black boots
  • Has a collection of rings and necklaces to be envied by all
  • Sweet-natured and without a love for confrontation
  • Law student with ambition
  • Volunteers at a legal centre and works part-time giving legal advice for elderly people at a large firm
  • Very close with her family
  • Terrible driver, one wonders how she passed the test
  • Reads a lot in her little spare time
  • Unsure whether she has time for a boyfriend


  • Medium height, stick skinny and with an ever changing fashion sense. One day she'll be punk rock with piercings, black hair and leather jacket the next she'll be light brown wavy hair, make-up and piercing free and wearing florals.
  • Plays in a rock band
  • Works in a sex shop and at a casino
  • Is a killer skiier
  • Headed back to uni to study media. Has previously studies history, politics, chemistry, physics and nutrition
  • Moves house twice a year
  • Refuses to hear a bad word about The Clash
  • Football obsesses, like A
  • Still misses her late dog like crazy
  • Knows pretty much everyone in the state, or at least knows them once removed


  • One half of the Asian twins. Recently cut her usually super long dark hair short (shoulder length) and is loving it. Short, but not as short as K
  • Has been wearing a lot of make-up lately
  • Along with tight tight dresses
  • Is still in love with R, no matter what she claims. Romantic softie at heart
  • Studies arts at uni but rarely goes and thus has failed a lot of classes
  • Used to work in a deli but hasn't had a real job in over a year
  • Lives with K, who essentially supports her
  • Loves any kind of male attention, but gets guilty about one-night-stands
  • Cannot drink beer for shit
  • Lover of indie music


  • The other half of the Asian (Chinese) twins. Extremely short with long hair.
  • Wears a lot of pants and shorts, occasionally a skirt. Never dresses
  • Loves painting her nails hot pink
  • Studies at uni. Her course isn't law but that's what she calls it. One day wants to be a police officer
  • Works as a waitress at least 3 nights a week
  • Likes to be in charge
  • Gets herself kicked out of a lot of places for picking fights or having public breakdowns
  • Loves pop music and is often found singing random lyrics or posting them on facebook
  • Usually has a boyfriend or potential boyfriend. Very full-on in relationships
  • Feels everything very intensely

And who am I, the humble narrator? That one you'll have to figure out yourself.