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It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Monday, July 19, 2010

"So we're all men of our word really... except for, of course, Elizabeth, who is in fact, a woman."

The university holidays were spent in varying degrees of undress in several different places, which is why there hasn't been a lot of posts.

L and A both went holidaying up north to various beaches. After a semester of 4-hour exams, too much alcohol and too much work they just wanted a break. Lazy days spent on the beach, tanning in the sun and a couple of ice-cold beers. But not the crazy parting antics we've come to expect from them. They just needed a break. L is still seeing her former secret admirer but isn't ready to fully commit and she needed a break from him too.

H had a wild trip to the US with her older brother who is moving to LA to pursue an acting career. She thought she'd help him settle in. In the end she made a few friends, went to a hell of a lot of parties and did a lot of drugs. She was close to getting arrested several times for lots of different reasons but always managed to get someone to getaway drive her. That's H. Always making friends the world over. And yet, she still couldn't convince anyone to give her band a recording contract. That could be because said band doesn't ave a name yet or any original songs. Give it time. Now she's back home and looking for a new place to live, naturally. She's also decided to go back to university this semester and study media. Just for a change.

J isn't going back to uni deciding to get a new job in a bar. It's the best place for her really, since she spend all of her time in bars anyway. But she's going to have to find a bar with her kind of people, like her current job in retail. As in co-workers who are comfortable with the fact that she drinks four energy drinks, talks about sex non-stop and is probably going to make-out with them at some point. Her mate and colleague S, has recently returned from his trip to Asia. She was looking forward to partying with him while the fab four were out of town but he doesn't appear that eager to talk to her. He's been ignoring her calls and texts. He visited the store to chat to Bossman, but not J. Bossman then lied to J about seeing S. She found out from P. J isn't too happy, but suspects S is pissed off at her because she's slept with two of his friends but refused to have sex with him. It's all a major double standard since he calls J a slut for her bed-hopping antics but he just laughs at the fact that Bossman has also slept with some of his friends. S, being a private school boy, has always been a bit pretentious and not as open-minded as most of our other friends. But he is still J's friend and it's unfair to be pissed off at her for the same reasons they get along so well in the first place. Either way it has forced J to hang out much more than she would like with B and K. B hasn't been too annoying for her and has only mentioned R once since he's return from New Zealand. He's living on his own since T is overseas. K on the other hand is still as insane as ever. She's talking about moving back in with her parents because she misses having close family and has a new loser boyfriend who is 8 years older than her and rumour-has-it is engaged to someone else. She constantly bails on plans with J to sit at home and study even though it's holidays. Whenever she does go out she gets ridiculously drunk and starts screaming at or attempting to fight bartenders/bouncers/taxi drivers/randoms. She's also always copying J to seem more 'cool' such as only liking bands/movies J likes even though we've known her for ages and know better. She's even 'switched' football teams! Of course J hasn't been able to talk about it with B because B gets all defensive. M and E are on holiday to the snow (though not together), and none of J's other good friends know K well enough to sympathise properly. Well, the fab four are back now and it's time to get a little crazy.