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It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Okay, Joey, the dog will lick himself but will not touch your sandwich. What does that tell you?"

For H's birthday this year we decided on a small celebration rather than one of out typical crazy nights out. It was held at J's house and A, B, N, M, C and E showed up (as well as H and J).

K was apparently working but since she's never really liked H it wasn't exactly something anyone was worrying about. And besides, she hasn't been hanging around with us all that much lately anyway. The real question though was: where was L? Half an hour into the party, it was clear something was wrong. L is never late. Where was L? She was supposed to be bringing the macaroons, the only classy part of the night what with the potato chips pizza and chocolate! A phone call later it was discovered L was on a road trip with her family and wasn't going to be attending the party. B admitted L may have told her something over facebook, but she couldn't believe L actually wouldn't show up. After all, L is supposed to be H's best friend. And the party was virtually her idea. It was all, well bizzare really. And naturally no one was very happy least of all H. L hadn't even texted her happy birthday. Talk about insulting. B suggested L had actually ditched them to go on a trip with secret admirer not her family so calls were made to L's house all night long to 'check'. No one answered and really, who could imagine L of all people leaving with a guy who, realistically, she's only just met?

Without L, the party just wasn't the same. It turned into what, nearly a decade ago would have been the norm, a sleepover between 8 close friends. Lots of junk food, lots of music...oh, and plenty of vodka/gin/tequila and pot. Cocktails were made out of many things, including peach liquor and 'berry cocktail' (a concoction of berries floating in pink sauce that tasted like jam and stained everything it touched) and someone even made a banana-and-gin smoothie. Everyone was smoking either tobacco or pot, except M who has this thing against smoking and was in a foul mood being the only one not in a smoke haze. Numerous pizzas were ordered, dancing was had, and late night TV was laughed at. There was the kind of gossip and in-jokes and trips down memory lane that can only be had by friends who've known each other so long and so well that there isn't anything they don't know about each other. At some point everyone fell asleep in various rooms, tangled together like only true friends can be and woke 6 hours later to start it all again.

M had to leave because she claimed to have work, but one suspects she just wasn't having as much fun or feeling as comfortable as everyone else. B had to leave because she had 17 missed calls from k who wanted her home. No one was sure why at the time. Who calls 17 times? Maybe if someone had died. Turns out no one had, but K, control freak as usual, wanted B home. Like a dog on a leash B went and later that afternoon K dragged her off (hungover no less) to a karoke party of a high school friends that B never even liked.

The others remained and played ready-steady-cook with J's fridge. The idea began wehn an irrated A announced she wanted a macaroon tower like L was supposed to bring and decided to make one with the contents of J's fridge. Since J had pretty much none of the ingrediants in the end there was flour everywhere and nothing to eat. Ready, steady, cook! time it was. C made toasted sandwiches since that's about all he can cook. A made omlettes, because she's become obsessed with them lately. She filled them with spring onion, tomato, cheese, peperoni, mushrooms and sauce and they were surprisingly good. J made Bloody Marys. E whipped up pasta with cream of mushroom soup and bacon (those were his ingrediants). H made herself a lopsided chocolate cake that was actually delicious. Everyone settled down with their food and watched several movies like The Hangover, Superbad and some weird olf horror movie with zombies.

Somehow the night rolled around again and everyone decided it was time to finish off the leftover alcohol. More cocktails, more shots, a few card games and somehow everyone wound up in H's car with E driving, everyone drunk and screaming out the windows. Lucky there was no cops on the road on a weekday night. We all ended up sleeping at H's, much to the delight of Miss Priss in the morning.

After bacon-and-eggs (thanks Miss Priss!) it was time to go home. There was work and uni and life to catch up on. So maybe not a typical tween sleepover...maybe more like a 2-day bender.