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It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

"We're gonna sip bacadi like it's your birthday"

Happy 50th post French Toast and Failure! We're going to celebrate with french toast drenched in golden syrup and lour cocktail of the month, Japanese Slippers (midori, cointreau and lime juice).

It appears that now that B and K have moved back home, we won't be seeing them anymore. Truth, K has been out of the picture for awhile. She's deleted everyone but J off of facebook, and, depending on the day, has blocked them from seeing any of her posts on other people's walls (yeah, we didn't know you could do that either). Occasionally she prank calls our mobile phones, but doesn't answer return calls of text messages. She also ignores us if she sees us in the street, especially A and H. For the past week B has also all but disappeared. Despite being invited out on the weekend she simply didn't reply.

L has also been a little camera shy lately. H is convinced it's because she's hanging out with secret admirer behind everyone's back but L is simply not a liar. If she claims she's too busy with family birthdays and study then she's too busy with family birthdays and study. We trust L. Well, mostly. H is still a little unsure. Really she just doesn't trust secret admirer.

Thursday night A, J and H went out as per usual. With pina colada drink specials they left in their wake several trashed and flooded bathrooms, stolen CDs, a burnt tablecloth and a lot of spilled drink. There was faux-moshing and frantic dancing, cigarettes and quick pash-and-dashes. And, of course, all-black outfits.

The following night was C's birthday party pub crawl but only A, J, H and E were in attendance. Well, out of the French Toast and Failure regulars anyway. Obviously C had other friends. The night started off at a fancy and expensive cocktail bar. At first A, J and H felt out of place but they lightened up after a few apple martinis and were soon flirting with bartenders and dancing even though there was no dancefloor. C's cute brother (he has 2) was hitting on J but she doesn't do family members. He became extremely jealous when she hooked up with someone else later that night and started yelling at C. Ugh. Luckily C sent him home and ended the drama there. Later on the night moved to scummier and scummier pubs which is exactly the scene the others like. H and E joked to others that they were a couple, J took a cardigan home that she thought was heres but wasn't and scored some free weed and A got into a fight with a DJ who refused to play The Rolling Stones. Good times.

The night following that A, J and H met up for pizza planning a quiet night to nurse their hangovers and watch Buffy reruns. A couple of bottles of gin later they were running up and down streets and terrorising others at train stations. Yeah, just a quiet night.