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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Excellent. A bar so low we can step over it"

It seems that playing hard to get really is the way to a man's heart.

Motley Crue seems devestated by his break-up with J and wants to get her back. He keeps ringing her and even dropping by her place (with flowers-gasp!) and saying he wishes he'd treated her better and he swears he'll never talk to his ex again if she'll take him back. But J is more than content to be the ex. She's over the relationship and just wants to move on and have fun. She's happy to stay friends with Motley and go to gigs with him and have drinking contests but she doesn't want to share his bed...at least not on a regular basis. You can't be fuck buddies with an ex.

M's boyfriend co-worker gets more clingy the less responsive she is to his texts. She doesn't mean anything by it, it's just that she doesn't get free text messages on her phone plan and really doesn't see the point in letting him know what she had for lunch.

Then of course there's A and V. A accidently bumped into him at her favourite pool hall yesterday and tried to make a fast getaway, alas it was not fast enough. V chased after her and asked if she wanted to 'hang out' this weekend. Assuming he meant sex A said sure and added she'd meet him at his place. V asked her if she'd been to this new restaurant in their local area. A started to get concerned V actually wanted to eat with her rather than eat her and panicked a bit, making up some dodgy excuse about a family member's 21st she'd accidently forgotten. Since yelling 'raincheck!' as she sprinted away she's let 2 calls go to voicemail.