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It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Monday, August 8, 2011

"Well-behaved women rarely make history"

Now that M has a boyfriend, she's determined to show E you can be in a relationship and be normal as well. Of course that may be because M's boyfriend, while clingy, isn't a jealous psycho. M has been trying to call E to arrange a double date to show everyone that she is not after E but after a series of unreturned calls and bizzare text messages she suspects the girlfriend has hijacked his phone which really worries her. What is with these guys that date crazy girls? They must be really good in bed. M decided to confront E and let him know what a nut his girlfriend is. She was warned not to, that love is blind and there are things you just don't see until the break-up, but she went anyway. M is usually stunningly normal but sometimes she just snaps. Like the time she gang-tackled a group of guys because one of them had tried to steal her bag. It was very White Chicks. She stormed into E's sharehouse and gave him a piece of her mind. She yelled about how E always goes for the crazy girls (he's K's ex remember) and never has the guts to tell them no and it's fucking up his life and he needs to stop pushing the people who care about him away just because they tell the truth. E looked stunned and told M to get the hell out of house. M figures at least she got to say what she needed to rather than ending her friendship with E by him not answering her calls. The next day she called to apologise. Surprisingly E told her he was now single and that she was right. He is drawn to train-wreck girls and he can't help it. M couldn't believe it. Maybe sometimes the insane choice actually works.

J is already enjoying the single life. With both her and A on the prowl they've been painting the town by nightfall and sleeping in gutters come day. A picked up a guy by getting up on stage at a gig and singing along with the lead singer. Someone clearly thought she was hilarious, and drunk enough not to notice that he was going prematurely bald. Not until the morning at least. A won't bve calling him back. Not that she ever does. J was making eyes at the guitarist all through the set. Once they were off stage and drinking beers girls were throwing themselves at him but J hung back, acting cool nad sipping her blood red cocktail. That may also have been due to her pot-induced paranoia. Either way evidently the guitarist wanted to chase because J was the only girl he had eyes for. After a night at a hotel she woke up in a bed of roses and freaked out slightly. Romance on a one-night-stand? Uh, no. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her. J ran a marathon back in her first year of uni. She has stamina. The guitarist with the smoker's cough had no hope of catching her.

Speaking of smoker's cough, Druggie, who has absolutely no lung capacity from years of smoking anything she can roll up, has joined a netball team and wants J to follow her. J went to watch a game and nearly died laughing as she watched Druggie stumble across the field panting and moaning before she'd even touched the ball. A went along as well yelling 'PIVOT' as per Ross in the Friends episode 'The one with the cop'.

L is still tossing up between being a dedicated student and throwing in the towel for the semester. She'd better make a decision soon because the census date is coming up fast.