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Thursday, August 4, 2011

"It's not a big problem with me, love, you don't look that hygienic anyway"

J and Motley Crue have finally broken up. It was a long time coming what with J spending the uni holidays rolling around in bed with anything that moved but the final two straws came in the last week, after it was back to class. J was already feeling used since Motley has no income and no savings and despite her being at uni and younger, she was the one buying him drinks. Then she accompanied him to a concert where she was in the mosh pit while he hung at the back texting and ignoring her. Then a day later he called her and asked if she could get a few tabs of acid for him and his ex-girlfriend, knowing that Druggie has an endless supply of everything. J couldn't believe it. We're all pretty against acid since a few years ago G took too much, freaked out and threw herself in front of a car and Motley knew that. And there is never a good to ask your new girlfriend to break the law for your old girlfriend. Never. J thought about it for a day and dumped him via text message. Probably not the most respectful way to end a 6 month relationship but J can't recall the last time they had fun together and thinks it's better this way. Now she's single. And single means free.

A has been avoiding V like the plague after their night together and refuses to answer his calls. Typical A behaviour. She ended up throwing her phone in the ocean before boarding a plane for the annual law conference where she drank too much, kissed a few randoms (not too many because most of the guys were gay, and no sex because there were at least 4 people sleeping in every room) and can't remember what actually happened in the competitions she was supposed to be competing in. She then visited her grandma up the coast and had a fling with a hot surfer. Non-sexual she is not. At least V cured that little problem for her.

M has started dating one of the guys she works with. A whole group of them went bowling together and one of the guys started flirting with her and buying her food and drinks so she figured what the hell and went home with him. At one time or another we've all learned the perils of sleeping with someone you work with but M seems to be dealing with the situation the best. Co-worker told her he really liked her and wanted to keep seeing her so M has and they have gradually fallen into a pattern otherwise known as a relationship. And she's happy. Okay so he's slightly clinging and texts a little too often but M can deal with that so long as she has at least one girls only night a week.

L is trying to recover from her hectic partying ways of the uni holidays. She's a little embarrassed as it's been so long since she threw caution to the wind and just had a good time. Now she's back to studying extra hard to wake up for it. She has a new job for about a week, but after catching swine flu off her new boss and seeing her mum in intensive care she decided it was time to bail. H isn't responding to her messages suggesting the fab four get back to hanging out like the good old days which is irritating her. All she wants is her friends back together. It just doesn't seem like any of them are interested.

B and K lost their jobs while they were overseas. K claims to be taking the matter up with VCAT, all the while fighting the suspension of her drivers licence and trying to force L into staying friends with her so she can gather information on A and J. Lovely girl.