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Friday, April 9, 2010

"Face down in the dirt she says this doesn't hurt, she says, I've finally had enough"

It's been a interesting week for K. She's been blacklisted for life at one of our regular hangouts (bitchy bouncers and promoters mean we won't be heading there ever again- we stand on principle even if K is crazy), lost a job, got a new job and has broken up with her short-lived not-really boyfriend end-of-the-train-line.

End-of-the-train-line turned out to be an even bigger arsehole than originally thought. While him and K were 'playfighting' he somehow managed to get her in a headlock and bind her hands. K escaped and slapped him, albeit not very hard. He responded by losing control completely screaming at her and threatening to dump her as well as saying if she ever pissed him off again he'd punch her and it would be all her fault. Let's just put it on record that there is nothing amusing about domestic violence (or violence against women) and we don't condone it in any way. That said, K is a prime target for an abusive relationship. She's desperate and can convince herself a guy is right for her despite flaws in his personality.

But she also has great friends. After telling J about what happened J decided if K wasn't going to take action someone else would. She A, H and L took off to the last stop on the train line and told the arsehole that he was no longer welcome in K's life and that he might think he can intimidate her but not all of us. End-of-the-train-line is not a tough guy.

At first K wasn't too pleased with us and went to go apologise to end-of-the-train-line in secret. A day later though she changed her mind and told him it was over on the phone. He didn't even seem to care. He was probably only in it for the sex.

And to think K bought his mother flowers.