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It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"We gonna sip bacardi like it's your birthday"

The weekend began with a blur of screaming football supporters, downing shots of bacardi at warehouse parties and racing around the city to wish M a happy birthday. The weekend ended with a large pile of homework: law cases, chemistry spectrums and a shitload of Spanish vocabulary.

It was a reflection of the week to come.

L and A spent several days knee-deep in law cases, trying to write their mid-semester exams at 3am and write up their moot submissions (mooting is like a mock legal battle apparently) at the same time. A lot of coffee and no sleep later they ended up in front of a judge with overly-articulate opponents spouting law/cases/facts they didn't understand and covering concepts they hadn't anticpated. It was an 'oh fuck' moment for both of them while they tried to scramble enough words together to make a comprehensible sentence that wouldn't get them laughed out of court. In the end they managed to get their shit together and kick-arse. It's always an advantage to be able to think on your feet and lie through your teeth with a smile. Despite the other teams being 'lawyers' from their tight ties to their wanker shoes, A and L were the ones who ended up on top. Guess the sleepless nights were worth it.

J is at war with her Spanish tutor who thinks she's useless, dumb and doesn't apply hereself. The last is probably true. J takes Spanish because of the hot guys and the socialisation, not to learn her fourth language (English, French and Italian). The funny thing is she's getting great marks which is probably what's pissing her tutor off more than anything else. No teacher likes the kids who sit up the back making sarcastic remarks only to top the class on the exam.

H keeps seeing uni-guy on the bus. Okay, it's been twice, but still. He's been completely barring H, going as far as to pointedly turn his head away when she waved. H is insulted. After attending his party she'd thought they'd gone from pretend friends to actual friends. Well, acquaintances anyway. But apparently he's deleted her off facebook. In the modern-age that's like saying 'have a nice life'. If she sees him again and pretends not to know her...well, it's H. Anything could happen.

Last night J and B headed out for dinner, drinks and dancing. Oh and men. But that doesn't start with 'd'. There is anothber word I could have used...Anyway they had an surprisngly good time considering they haven't been getting along that well lately. Actually B has been out of everyone's loop. She bailed on the football. She bailed on M's birthday. She didn't even show up Thursday night drinks. It's suspected she's been hanging around with R, but she wouldn't admit that to people who are sick of hearing his name. Someone on the dancefloor was wearing a backpack, which pissed off J and made her wish A was there to get rid of him. Someone threw a plate of dumplings at B. She ate them.

Tonight K's holding a dinner party. Beef wellington (inspired by MasterChef no doubt), us and R. It should be fun, so long as R doesn't say anything at all.