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The young have something no one else has or ever will have. Time.

It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Friday, April 16, 2010

"Drunk and being sick, I feel like shit"

Last weekend was a bit of a quiet one with everyone somehow working double shifts saturday and sunday. Of course 'quiet' means A and L were scaring other friends with how much they can drink (and the fact that they can drink straight anything straight out of a glass...who needs shots when you can just have a glass of vodka?) and J and B were texting/calling everyone in their contacts list for a laugh (including Y who was none too pleased...but maybe that was because K called him). Even still, it was decided this weekend's festivities would start on a Thursday. Which they always do.

H was pissed off at being out of the loop having lost invitations to both and footy and M's birthday, and missing out on all the gossip about J's new potential fuck fuddy. Well, she wants a fuck buddy. He wants a relationship. J was pissed because she missed out on The Strokes tickets. K couldn't come because she's been banned for life from Thursday nights everywhere. L has her licence test today so she wasn't there either. E and C came instead. After a few two many shots...ahem glasses, of vodka we were dancing and laughing and making a general nuisance of ourselves. A group of guys who couldn't be out of high school started hitting on A and J and neither were two pleased. H and C convinced them to piss off but one particularly eager one continued to put the moves on J. She thought why not, hooked up with hom, recoiled and yelled 'you kiss like a baby! how old are you?'. That gfot rid of them. Another guy started annoying A with his vigorous dancing. Everyone tried to stop her (especially C) but she couldn't take it and ended up driving a punch straight into his nose. After that everyone got kicked out and went for pizza. Unfortunately the pizza was off or something. B threw up mere minutes later and today E is complaining of food-poisoning. Trust us: not alcohol related. It's been years since pure alcohol has caused any of us to throw up. It's only the combination of bad food and bad booze, which is how J ended up with a souvlaki vomit patch on her carpet.


Meanwhile we're wishing we lived in the US or UK for the following reasons
Lollapalooza: Green Day, The Strokes, Lady Gaga, AFI, Cypress Hill and SO many more
The Warped Tour: Sum 41, Pennywise, Antiflag, Motion City Soundtrack, All-American Rejects, Dropkick Murphys...
The Reading Festival: Queens of the Stone Age, Blink 182, NOFX, Arcade Fire, The Libertines, Modest Mouse, Paramore, All Time Low, The Klaxons, Guns n Roses...

WE have what, 'Supafest' which isn't even a cool name!!