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Friday, April 30, 2010

"Today you're just some bitch who broke my heart and cut up my mother's wedding dress"

"I'm in a relationship and I'm not having sex! This is my worst nightmare!" - J

It's been awhile...it's a busy time of year. Between mid-semester exams, ANZAC Day, partying like it's 1999 and just being ourselves there hasn't been a lot of free time or Dan Murphy's runs. Which may be why the liqour cabinets are looking suspiciously empty and forcing everyone to shot down Jamacian rum.

J's had a busy few weeks pursuing a...relationship. Let's call him Justin, thanks to his obsession with the supposedly sixteen pop sensation Justin Beiber. Yeah, it's odd when a twenty-something girl is into his music. A twenty something guy? Questions have to be asked. They met at a club, typical for J, and started making out, typical for J. That's when things decided to get less-than-typical. She's invited him to Thursday night drinks the last two weeks. The consensus: He's cute. J is going to break his heart. Justin is just too much of a nice guy. He wants to take things slow because it didn't work out with his last girlfriend. He wants cuddles and movies and long conversations. J just wants sex. She's spent the night at his house, in his bed, twice but they haven't done anything more than kiss. Not due to J's lack of effort, Justin just wants to take things 'slow.' J is starting to get impatient. Last week out clubbing with K and some uni friends she bumped into her old almost-fuck-buddy Y, and they ended up hooking up. That is until J fell over due to a freshly cleaned floor (someone threw up, no one we know!) and instead of helping her up Y just walked away! It made J appreciate Justin, who would certainly never leave her in a heap on the floor. Y is an arsehole. Still, just because she appreciates Justin doesn't mean J wants to be with him. When he last night introduced her to his friends as his 'girlfriend' and they responded "Oh, you must be J" she got a little weirded out. After all, they still aren't having sex. J doesn't want a relationship she wants a fuck buddy. Justin better be willing to put out soon or...let's just say it's easy to feel sorry for him.

K and B are in what you may call a twin bitchfight. It all started when K found out that everyone's been hanging out with E lately. She really doesn't deserve to be pissed off since it's been ages since they broke up and it's not like anyone's forcing her to hang out with him. Still, for whatever reason she decided to blame it on B even though it's not her fault at all. K finally told R to get the fuck out of their house. Although he's been living with them since the beginning of the year he's been keeping his distance lately, probably afraid H will abuse him and kick him out again. Anyway R decided to move in with T, K and B's sister. There really is no escaping him although K is doing a very good job. B has been hanging around with T and R a lot, going to the football and music concerts with them rather than everyone else. She still sees R more often than say J or L. Basically B cracked the shits at K telling her it wasn't up to her to kick R out. This led to several screaming matches about who's in charge and what who's allowed to do and so on. Now K refuses to go out with B in a social setting. It probably didn't help when B started mocking her and telling everyone how she failed her driver's test when everyone knows how much K wants to drive.

Speaking of driving, L just got her licence and hasn't been drinking since designating herself the deignated driver. Poor form L. She also had a job interview at a prestigious law firm and was really excited until she learned said job would be making presentations to rooms of 150 elderly people...in Italian. SHe'll probably still take the job, which should fit in nicely to her already bloated timetable of uni, volunteer work and boozing it up.

H has just moved house, yet again. It's kind of unfortunate because her old house was awesome and really big, but unfortunately too expensive. Her new place is this tiny little apartment in a good (way better) location but it just doesn't have the size that her old place did so we can't all crash there which means way more money spent on cabs. Plus, H's old roomate was this eccentric pothead who was a bit of a recluse but everything he said was extremely amusing. H's new roomate is this really uptight girl who wears her hair in a really tight frenchbraid. Probably a cliche but she's still annoying. One wonders how H could possibly last...

A hasn't had many 'experiences' of late. Between suddenly working extra shifts because the store she works in has been demoted to a clearance store and exams and chem labs every weekend she's getting frantic keeping up, though slightly less broke. Always seen around the booze though A has become obsessed with asking randoms whether they like Guns N Roses and abusing the crap out of them if they say no. She also physically assaulted a guy who had the nerve to suggest she looked Canadian when trying to hit on her. She also bumped into uni-guy and tried to say hi but he turned and ran in the other direction. What is going on there?