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It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"Hanging out behind the club at the weekend, acting stupid getting drunk with my best friends" Blink 182- The Rock Show

Ah, Easter Break. The whole entire week off from university, if not work. Time to go shopping for the new handgabs we need to sneak booze into clubs, time to catch up with old friends over coffee and cheap pizzas. Time to return to committed exercise regimes and catch up on all our favourite TV shows (can you guess that Skins is one?). Yeah, time off is good. Not to mention that Easter weekend is always a 4-day bender for those of us without religious tendancies, that being all of us except L. It had to be bacon and eggs and pancakes on Monday morning.

SO much alcohol: skittles vodka, chocolate vodka, tequila...in shots, in mixed drinks, in everything
It had been a long week. We were all struggling to get through it with the mid-semester slump and all. After pre-pre-drinks A, J, B, K, L and H rocked up to their local pub. It was packed so they collected a tray of drinks each, leaving a table with at least thirty glasses on it and lots of 'looks' from other patrons. Oh well. The place was full of peole we knew, including people we went to school with and Vand X . It had been awhile since we'd seen X. Apparently he'd been in Asia for a few months. It hadn't cured his fashion problems though, he still thought tracksuit pants were acceptable in public. L was quick to try and flirt with X, only to be dragged away by H who didn't want her to make a full of herself. A dared B to throw a punch at V but when she didn't, decided to go threaten him herself. No doubt he woke up with a bruise on his shoulder the next morning. J spend an hour chatting to a guy she didn't even speak to in school, insisting The Clash were the superior 'punk' band. K was hitting on the bartender (yet again, and doesn't she have a boyfriend?) trying to score free drinks. It was worth it for the free beer. L stole jewellery off some random chick she'd never met, lucky she didn't get caught. H started prank calling everyone in the pub and laughing when they answered but wasn't exactly happy when she was caught by the old high school weirdo who recognised her voice and actually wanted to chat. That was the cue to leave. Three clubs later we were danced out, drunk out and K had almost hooked up with a guy not her boyfriend. L hurried home to prepare for Good Friday while everyone else woke up on H's lawn with a slow-returning memory.
Started with jello-shots, ended with jagerbombs.
Sure it was Good Friday but we're always ready to indulge ourselves. After fish and chips for dinner (who sends we aren't good god-fearing citizens?) A, J, H, B, K and N had a few drinks at B and K's before hitting the clubs. It was all going well until T and R showed up to say happy easter and drop off some chocolates. All of a sudden B was fawning all over R. She didn't want to smoke because R doesn't approve, and didn't want to drink too much because R doesn't approve. She put her hair down (it had previously been in a really great updo) so he couldn't see her new earpiercing. She'd suddenly turned as nervous and quiet as a mouse. When everyone else decided it was time to hit the clubs B decided she was going to stay with R and T instead. Then she dropped the bombshell: she was leaving the next day to go to Adelaide with R and T for the rest of the weekend. As you may have noticed, A, J, K, B, H and L are a very close group of friends. Never more so than Easter weekend where we commit ourselves to going out every night with each other(except L who has a religious weekend). Why? It's what we do. Friendship is the most important thing in our lives. To have B ditch us was...to say we were pissed off was an understatment. Leaving in an angry flurry everyone else picked up the drinking pace and ended up in a night that no one would remember, or would want to. When you start getting strange calls from guys you don't recall you know it's been a big night. Friday was a big night.
Without B, everyone was feeling a little down and not like they should spend the night together. A and G had a night sitting outside drinking wine and gossiping. K spent the night with end-of-the-train-line and his family, and ended up taking their relationship to the next level. J went out with P, spending a lot of time bitching about S who has trurned into even more of a wanker than he previously was. Apparently he has found the 'love of his life' a week ago and won't shut up about it and generally acting like even more of a private school pretentious twat then he already was. H went out with some work friends who turned out to be lightweights and was disappointed when she spent most of the night holding a friend's hair while they threw up in the garden. Who knows what B was up to? No doubt throwing herself at R who wouldn't notice and would care even less.
J and K went out together to a club they love but everyone else has vowed never to go to again due to the high percentage of sleazy guys and the low percentage of alcohol in the drinks. J caught up with an old guy she used to sleep with (vampire, guess why) but then found someone new and cute to fill her with drinks and carry an actual conversation rather than just try to feel her up. He turned out to be nice and interesting and J didn't sleep with him which means she really likes him. Unfortunately K was left to her own devices. Trying to avoid cheating, she called end-of-the-train-line but he didn't want to talk to her. Not a good sign. She then tried B, but she wouldn't answer her phone. Not a good sign. H attended a house party with her flatmate and it turned out to be quite good. Who knew someone who seemes so seemingly antisocial could have such cool friends? She even found a guy she liked which is rare for H. A hung out with G and her friends which resulted in a few nude runs around the streets before A passed out in a pile of corn chips.
It was supposed to be recovery day but when A, J, K, and H met up to discuss the events of the weekend someone broke out a bottle of bacardi. Soon it was empty and they were moving on to cheaper and harsher and not neccessarily alcohol. They woke up with no memories, a guy who couldn't speak English and a pair of twin sisters who'd had so much plastic surgery they looked like dolls. Turns out they go to K's uni and also make porn movies on the side.

Now it's time to watch the first season of Skins. For the hundredth time.