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Saturday, May 29, 2010

"And I, leave behind, this hurricane of fucking lies"

Last weekend was spent in a drunken daze (as per usual) but for once it actually had a purpose: with the winter arriving and sudden rain and temperatures below 15 C tights just don't cut it anymore. Only with a bit of absinthe or good quality rum running through your veins can you ignore the chills. There was a lot of dancing to nineties classics (blink 182, the spice girls & and those thrashy boy bands) and a lot of cigarettes (cue J managing to light her bag on fire, albiet breifly, she really shouldn't have her lighter anywhere near anything vaguely fammable). There was no Justin, Gaga, B or K. No Justin because he and J aren't having sex and she's all but given up on him. No Gaga because A doesn't do actual relationships, and never brings her boys out to introduce them to friends because that's just not her style. She likes to keep her secrets. No B or K because they weren't talking to everyone.

However now, with their family overseas (T is off to China), R still in new Zealand (let's hope he never returns) and K's recent break-up with the uni-boyfriend (the term 'boyfriend' being applied very loosely) they seem to want the fab four (that is J, A, H and L naturally) back in their lives. Well, sort of. K has been ignoring both A and L's attempts to contact her on facebook. Perhaps not so odd with A since A never puts up with K's over-drama and antics and they don't get along that well, but K and sweet L have always gotten along. It's almost impossible to fight with L, she's so good-natured. And it's no surprise that H hasn't had contact with the twins, especially K. H and K have never been exactly close, possibly due to their irreconciable differences and possibly because of H's friendship with K's ex E.

Anyway the fab four had all but given up hope of ever speaking to them again (okay, not realistically, it had only been 2 weeks and the sisters frequently get themselves into these fits and ignore everyone else for a month or 2) when this morning J received a bunch of texts from both of them. The first few were from B suggesting they head out tonight. This only further insulted J as it suggested she doesn't have any other friends or plans and relies on B for her fun. J is going out with Bossman tonight anyway, since the two are getting along so well lately. And to think J hated him when she first started. B started practically begging J to go out with her and ditch Bossman. Did she really think that was going to work? J is much closer to Bossman these days than B who is completely unreliable and didn't even apologise for her over-the-top behaviour which is why they haven't spoken in weeks. A mere hour after B's texts, J started receiving some from K. These were mostly along the lines of the hey-how-are-you-how-are-things-with-Justin theme. It was strange to say the least. J sent a couple of messages back but didn't really understand any of it. What exactly are B and K hoping to acheive?

The question for the fab four is quickly becomiong: is it worth it to have these two people in our lives? It's no question that B and K are fun. K is completely insane, and her antics always have us in laughs the next day. From fights with bouncers to stalking guys whose name she doesn't know to sneaking into gigs to making friends with weirdos on the train...she's a laugh and a half. She's also a drama queen with no sense of approriate time and place. Who needs the public fights, the 4am crying phone calls, the many lies and wild goose chases we always seem to end up on (last Halloween we ended up crashing a 15 year old's birthday because she told us this guy she liked was having a party) and everything else that does with it? As for B, she used to always be a good time. Then she broke up with R, seemed to loose all her self-esteem and is never fun anymore. And she always lies as well. No one likes a liar.

The last two weeks without the twins have been just as much crazy fun as ever. We've danced in random people's backyards, had too much to drink, and skidded down rainy roads on old sleds. Tomorrow G and A have entered themselves in a skateboarding competition for a laugh (neither of them can skate) and H, L and E are doing karoke. Who needs B and K? Well, really.