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Monday, May 17, 2010

"Well I did if I loved but I never dreamed there Would be someone there who would catch my attention I wasn't out searching for love or affection"

The truth about A and GAGA

It's funny when you find your perfect match. J and Justin may still not be sleeping together (J has come down with a nasty bug, and refuses to sacrifice her Saturday nights for a guy) but, though they've known each other way less A and Gaga have turned out to be perfect together. Meaning, of course, that they aren't actually together at all...
A has always been the sort of person who bumbles through life, certain that everything will end up okay and not worrying too much about anything. Possibly because in her life, everything has worked out eventually. She never studies or attends classes, and somehow manages to get great marks. She always leaves everything to the absolute last second but never panics and always gets things done on time, usually with about 60 seconds to spare. She's never had problems with depression or self-confidence. She just doesn't really panic or worry. She can have huge fights and confrontaions with people but is usually over it the next day. As it turns out, Gaga is exactly the same. Relaxed and chill and easy-going he just lets life float along in the hope things will just work out.
Of course, there's a reason opposites usually attract. In every relationship (friendships included) there is a chaser and a chasee. For example, K is always the chaser. She's the one who calls and makes plans and makes sure there is actually a relationship. A is the exact opposite. She never makes the first call. She'll always reply text messages and return calls, she'll always show up when she says she will but she just can't be bothered making the first effort. It's true with guys and it's true with her friends. the only problem? Gaga is the same. He won't be sending the first text or making dates with A. He just bumbles along and so does she. It's working at the moment because they hang out with J and Justin (or meet with them and go and do their own thing) so there's no real effort on anyone's part.
So A and Gaga have fun hanging out in bars (playing pool) and beds (playing other games) but will they ever be a real couple?
Probably not. A doesn't want a 'relationship' anyway.

A weekend without B and K

Friday was football, beer aand meat pies, with a few cocktails after. Nothing too exciting. For a change.

J, A, M and H went out to a club they knew everyone they knew was going to. All of them dressed in black (it's winter yeah) they were prepared for a good night after pre-pre-drinks and pre-drinks involving slabs of energy drinks, bottles of wine, and about a litre of cheap and nasty gin. H had to work until 11pm so she joined the other later after sculling a bottle of white wine. Goon just isn't classy. it was a long night of dancing and bumping onto family friends and uni friends. J flashed her new snake tattoo (done Friday) in exchange for other tattoo flashers although she got a bit more flesh than she bargained for in some cases. A caught out an underage family friend. M met a bitchy girl she used to do singing lessons with who was really drunk, and somehow convinced her to make-out with a realy fug guy who was following them around. H showed up with enthusiastic dance moves but wasn't happy with a guy in a backpack on the dancefloor but soon got rid of him when Rage Against the Machine came on. J ignored numerous phone calls from Justin but they ended up meeting up with him and his friends (he's a persistant one, definitely the chaser) for pizza and gatorade/powerade. A went home with Gaga while J brushed Justin off and slept at H's, much to the dismay of Miss Priss when she discovered J on the couch in the morning. Somehow J managed to turn on the charm and convince Miss Priss to make her french toast, blueberries and cream for breakfast before heading off to work with the boss she hooked up with last week. Surprisingly it wasn't awkward (proving it's only awkward if you make it awkward) although J is now trying to convince Bossman to break up with his loser girlfriend so she can move in with him. He has an awesome apartment but not that awesome.

L went with one of her other friends to the birthday party of a friend from university. He's noy exactly the most amazing guy. He's a bit of a prick and wanker and overly articulate (like many a law student- but not L of course!) and seems to really hate A for some reason. A doesn't like him much either. Anyway the party turned out to be up 7 flights of stairs which is a big mistake when alcohol is invloved. Uni-guy was present and L got spooked even though he didn't say a word to her. He casually ignored her just as he's been ignoring all of us lately. The main reason L went is she's heavily attracted to one of the birthday boy's friends. The only problem? Well, other than the fact that she's never spoken to him A and H (the only two who've met him) are convinced he's gay. A can usually pick a gay from a mile off (so can J but that's another story) and the signs (him being overly fashionable and sitting with his legs crossed) but L is sure he isn't gay. Anyway she thought she could 'find out the truth' at the party. L isn't much good at crazy plans so she spent most of the night obsessing over every tiny little bit of his behaviour while huddled in the corner so he (and uni-guy) wouldn't spot her. Whe she couldn't just ask the guy, or hell the birthday boy, is unclear. Why she didn't have a better plan is unclear. Why she couldn't just go and hit on him is unclear. Anyway after spending all night hiding, L learned nothing of note. He didn't do anything 'obviously gay' although he did hug another guy so now L is more confused than she was initially. Hugging another guy is no real sign that he is gay, but for whatever reason L went from thinking he was straight to now 'fairly sure' he's gay. Huh. Really, the mystery continues. Along with the mystery over uni-guy and why he's been barring everyone.

So many unanswered questions, so little time.