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It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Monday, May 10, 2010

"But 3 hours later and 7 shots of jager, she was in the bedroom with another guy"

When J and S party together, they make a very dangerous pair. Forgetting about Justin for a night, J headed out to S's going away party because he is flying to Asia for the next month. H warned J that it might not be such a great idea since it's no secret (at least not to H) that S has wanted to sleep with J for awhile now and the only thing stopping him is their friendship and since he's about to fly out of the country he's going to go for it. J laughed it off, reminding H that S has a new girlfriend, and wore her new super-short and also low-cut (to show off the tatts of course) dress anyway.

The party started with a few dozen shots off the bar. Tequila, vodka and anything else the bar was serving.

J had several plans for the night, one of which was getting S to hook up with their boss. Let's just say everything went according to plan. Somehow J managed to get them to make out (probably be making out with some other chick herself) and was cheering them on by telling them how hot it was. She then made out with both S and her boss herself. The guy she was flirting with all night was apparently bored of this and had sex with some other guy's girlfriend in the bathroom only to be caught with said boyfriend. Cue punch-on. S then took ill and was throwing up off a balcony. The boy cannot hold his drink. And yet he still invited J back to his house, along with the girlfriend. J refused. Looks like H was right. S just wanted to get in her pants all along. J was pretty pissed off. She doesn't sleep with her friends.

Later J ended up going home with another of S's friends. They went back to J's house but unfortunately she still lives with her parents and the walls are very thin, so they had sex in the front garden. Luckily none of her neighbours was taking the dog for a stroll at that moment...

That night was also the night of T's birthday party, forcing K and B to have to show up at a social ocasion together. They weren't particularly pleased to see each other. K brought along her new boyfriend. Apparently she's now dating the guy she's staying with. Sex as rent. B yelled at K to tell her her behaviour was totally inapproriate and T didn't seem to pleased with her baby sister 'shacking up' with a guy she's been going out with all of 2 weeks. To be fair, they have known each other through university for over a year. Either way K got really drunk ands was basically yelling at B half the night telling her she was a complete loser who had to get over R not to mention she was a total bitch. She also told her everyone else was pissed at her (which is partly true) and that she looks like a slut when she wears too much make-up as she was that night. K's new boyfriend took her home early but the damage was done. B has announced she doesn't want anything to do with her sister ever again. Overly dramatic, but then both of them always are.

K's not exactly wrong about everyone being less-than happy with B though. She still won't stop whining about R all the time which is infuriating and just doesn't seem to be up for any fun anymore. She'd rather hang out with T watching movies than go out for drinks but the biggest problem is that she lies all the time. When L told A she couldn't make it to the football this weekend because she had her grandmother's birthday B told her to come to T's party because she knew L just didn't want to go to the football. Um, not true. L actually did have her grandmother's birthday. But now we understand what all of B's recent 'family' excuses actually mean. Lies. A responded by spreading rumours that B is secretly a lesbian, for no reason other than to prove she is a better liar than B. Everyone is a better liar than B.