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Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Scar tissue that I wish you saw, sarcastic mister know-it-all"

Today a whole bunch of us met up for coffee and chocolate-cheesecake brownies (two of the best things on this planet) and to apply for compensation metcards because the public transport system in this city SUCKS and they're supposed to give monthly ticket holders compensation tickets if they don't meet cancellation/delay targets. Well, it's that bloody hard to find out if those targets were met and where on earth the compensation form is located online that we soon gave up. Not to mention they give you only 6 weeks (or a month for certain ticket holders) to apply for said compensation so you can't do multiple months at once. Even connex gave you 2 months. Fuck you metro!

Okay now that that rant's over with (and if anyone does have the link for the metro compensation form an email to frenchtoastandfailure@gmail.com would be greatly appreciated)...

Last night J ignored texts and calls from B and K to go clubbing with Bossman. They went to several bars and a punk rock club and were having a lot of fun. There was probably a bit more flirting involved than should have been, but they didn't hook up so all's well that ends well. It would have been an excellent night, except that at 2am Bossman's girlfriend started calling him and demanding to know where he was. To get her off his case he invited her out, not really thinking she would because she'd be tucked up in bed. Well, she did come out and put out the fun too. J immediatly startied feeling like a third wheel and didn't like the girlfriend at all. She was one of those girls that bursts into tears at the first sign of not getting what she wants which is always irritating. She threw a fit (complete with a lot of fake coughing) because J wanted to smoke and started yelling at Bossman for hitting on other girls (he wasn't), including J. She was also trying to get rid of J and convince Bossman to go home. What a charmer really. No wonder she has so few friends other than Bossman. Eventually J got sick of it and ditched them for a bunch of guys drugged out of their minds on ice. She enjoyed the rest of the night with them, and ended up sharing a hotel room with two of them before ehading off to work at 8 the next morning.

H has started a rock band with a few friends from her new job at a sex shop. She actually quite likes it, despite the sometimes questionable customers who like to mastubate on things. Still, her co-workers are pretty cool and the pay is good so there aren't that many complaints. Plus, they don't care about her nose ring at all. Anyway H has played bass and guitar for years and has recently started playing the drums. She's teamed up with two guys from work and are convinced they're going to be the next Red Hot Chilli Peppers, except that none of them can actually sing. She's dedicated the next week to finding a singer, since she won't be working at her other job anymore. H has always been involved in the local music scene as her older brothers are in a band and her parents have been involved in the industry too. She drinks with a lot of Australian rock stars but this is her first go and becoming one herself.

L is freaking out about upcoming exams and has holed herself up at home in a frantic attempt to learn everything she is already supposed to know. Isn't the always the case? Still, she's had time to go on a few drinking adventures with various uni/work/mutual friends and play endless card games which usually involve all the clothes coming off and someone getting out the garden hose...

Meanwhile we are all obsessing with the facebook group 'Facebook Relationship Status Options Are Insufficient'. Pure gold!