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Friday, May 14, 2010

"You're just a slutty lying liar that lies"

Because we're such good friends we thought we'd invite K and B out together without them knowing they would be going out together. They're twin sisters and shouldn't be fighting...but maybe it's actually better when they're fighting. We just didn't know.

The night started out as it normally does. Our favourite bartender emptying bottles of vodka in our glasses and slicing limes faster than we could shot. It's been a hard week for everyone. H has found herself another job (in a sex shop no jokes, but the pay is oddly good), L has been busy juggling uni, volunteer work and paid work, J has had oral exams (and not the kind of oral exams she enjoys) and A....actually A hasn't had a very stressful week, spending most of it in bed with Justin's friend she's now sleeping with. Let's call him Gaga after the music he likes. However she's now massively behind in uni, so she's going to have a stressful weekend. Anyway it was time to get drunk and drown away sorrows.

The trouble came when they left the pub they frequent and were trying to decide where to go after. The problem is that K has been blacklisted from pretty much everywhere on Thursday nights. They go out every Thursday and usually get extremely drunk and K can't hold her alcohol the way everyone else does and always manages to piss off bouncers. So much so that they actually remember her. She's also the only one our favourite bartender hates thanks to demanding more expensive alcohols at cheaper prices. He never flirts with her and certainly never gives her anything extra in her drinks. She doesn't need it.

Anyway H and K were trying to figure out a place K hasn't been kicked out of. H isn't particularly tactful and the conversation went something like "Okay so we can't go there, there or there. Is there anywhere you havent been kicked out of? Seriously why should it be our problem that you can't go anywhere anymore?" B went absolutely psycho screaming "K is my sister! How could you even think about ditching her? You're all such a bunch of bitches!" etc etc. She was screaming for at least 15 minutes, stomping up and down the street and making a massive scene. All the people on the street were staring at her having a freak-out which didn't even make sense. H was trying to come up with a solution to the problem and B just lost the plot completely. And also, why does it matter that K is her sister? K is more than capable of fighting her own battles and weren't they in a bitchfight anyway?

The fact is there are 6 people in the friendship group. It's a democracy and if two people are having a fight (though the fights always seem to involve B and K and never L. you never see A, J, L or H fighting with each other...) the others try to stay out of it and let them deal with it themselves. It's always worked better that way. It shouldn't matter that K and B are sisters anymore than it matters that A and J have been friends for 12 years and most of the time are closer than K and B ever have been. A doesn't fight J's fights for her and has never uttered the words "J is my best friend!" as a starting point for an argument because it's irrelevant. We are all equals and that's kinda the whole point. The problem is that K and B think the world revolves around them. It is suspected (mostly by J) that because they are twins they've always been 'in it together' and their family has humoured them because there's two of them and done whatever they wanted because they always formed a majority. They never learned to compromise. L's theory is that they were taught that family is the most important thing in the world (typical Asian family) and that nothing else will ever compare, no matter what. But family doesn's have to be just blood. A and J and L and H are a family. Maybe they doing share the same parents or the same DNA but they are family in all the ways that count. They have blood relatives too who are important to them but that doens't mean they can't be their own family. It's something K and B have never really got.

Yeah, it was better when they weren't talking to each other.

On the other hand once they stalked off home they could go wherever they wanted. The night still had a sour vibe to it though, even after four hours of dancing and kissing random boys.

The morning after L called K to apologise about the fight (not B though who just acted completely over-the-top) only K didn't answer her phone. Unusual since K is usually glued to her phone. L then left her an apology on facebook but the comment was deleted about 10 seconds later. Hmmmm.

It was definitely better when they weren't talking to each other.