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Friday, May 21, 2010

"Hope you die, hope you die, love from me"

J can't deal with Justin anymore. It's just too much for her. She's stresses out all the time. Relationships and J do not go well together. Especially when they don't involve sex. It leads to endless frustration and flirting with Bossman and a level that's not healthy for their working relationship. Not that they've ever really had a healthy working relationship...J's worried that Justin actually can't have sex. As in, he has a problem in that area. To be fair he is usually drunk when he's...uh...problem manifests but he doesn't drink that much and it's not something J wants to have to worry about. She can't have a guy that doesn't appear to want to have sex. Whenever she says she wants sex he says he's not in the mood and just wants cuddles and movies. J doesn't do cuddles. What kind of guy doesn't want sex? Maybe he's gay. He did take J to a gay bar but that leads to the next question: what kind of guy takes his girlfriend to a gay bar? Not that J is his girlfriend. That would mean she'd have to stop looking for sexual satisfaction from other guys.

A and Gaga aren't spending much time together which is unfortunate because they are such a good match. L and J have been encouraging A to treat Gaga better and actually form a relationship because they are...well, perfect. A gets pissed off whenever anyone mentions her and Gaga in the same sentence though. She's just doesn't want to be with Gaga. Sure he's fun and she likes him but she jsut doesn't care enough. Typical A. She doesn't take kindly to being told to grow up.

H has come down with the flu which she isn't happy about but turns out there's an advantage to having a freaky flatmate like Miss Priss. Three words: chicken noodle soup.

Rumour has it that K has broken up with her uni boyfriend and moved back in with B. The other haven't seen either of them since last week. Fairly annoying since B owes J and A around $100 each.