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Saturday, November 13, 2010

"She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene"

B seems to have a new special guy in her life. Although up until a month ago the only person she'd ever slept with was R, she decided it was time to let loose a little. Be young, have fun. Maybe it was seeing even her relationship-obsessed twin sister (yes, that would be K) enjoying the single life that turned B to no-strings-attached J-style sex.

Anyway, B has had three one-night-stands although she only had actual sex with two of them. It seems she partly wants to make R jealous, but being on the other side of the world is probably not going to spell success for her plan. It's good to see her finally doing something not directly related to R. She's spent so long obsessing over him and all we really want is for her to find someone new. Except, not a one-night-stand find someone new.

Unfortunately, no one seems to have told B that one-night-stands typically don't lead to happy relationships. Fuck buddy status yes. But boyfriend/girlfriend? Typically no.

And yet B is texting away and making calls and wondering why the only 'dates' one-night-stand suggests are late night 'movies' aka booty calls. The poor clueless girl. J has tried to explain that guys (and her) do not equate sex with a relationship. But B really likes him. Or so she says. Before saying he wasn't great-looking (we checked facebook. she was right) or very nice and that the sex was sort of uncomfortable. She doesn't really know his personality so what is there to like? Apparently he's a good kisser. Maybe he was having an off day in the sack?

The problem is, B's family don't provide her with good examples of how relationships should be. K and her dramatic stalkerships aren't recommended for everyone and T? She's actually dating a guy who just got sentenced to time in a Greek prison for murder. Not even kidding. T has tried to explain it all away as a 'misunderstanding' but seriously, juries don't often get it wrong. Not that I know anything about the Greek legal system but assuming it's anything like ours...Murder is scary. Murderers are scary.

And this is what B looks up to?

It makes R and one-night-stand seem like perfection.