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Sunday, November 14, 2010

"I left my head and my heart on the dancefloor"

Have I ever mentioned J has a phobia of answering her phone? Actually, it's not just J. It's a problem B and A have as well. Except A's is exclusively about guys she's slept with (committment problem much?), B's is usually family related (K calls a lot) and J just doesn't answer her phone no matter who calls. It doesn't matter whether it's that guy she went down on last weekend, her best friend, work...she hates answering her phone. She desn't even have a ringtone because she knows it doesn't matter if she hears it ringing. She won't pick up. That's not weird at all...right?

Anyway that's sort of a tangent to the main point. Back a couple of weeks ago when she had the urinary tract/kidney infection J met this really hot guy. Kinda awkward and not the best conversationalist but seriously hot and a ridiculously good kisser. Of course, J was dying to get into his pants but with her infections (yes she was out drinking on antibiotics, it's J remember?) she thought it was probably best if she didn't go home with him that night. Best not to compromise one's health. Instead she gave him her number and told him she was up for a good time...some other time.

The only problem? The guys calls her. Frequently. J can't answer her phone, and she can't call back. She'll send him text messages but she won't talk on the phone. And naturally she doesn't want to tell him she freaks out at the thought of answering her phone. It's weird, let's face it. She keeps hoping he'll get the hint and just text her back but he doesn't and just keeps calling her and leaving voice mails asking why she won't pick up her phone. J tells him she's at work. Via text of course.

J really wants to meet up with this guy, but she can't answer her phone. Is the phone phobia about to disrupt the thing J values most in life? That would be good sex for anyone playing at hime.