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The young have something no one else has or ever will have. Time.

It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

"The drinks are cheap and vinyl's cool"

There aren't too many people who go out and get hammered and night before a four hour law exam. But A isn't most people. Hardcore. When C offered them an all-you-can-drink night of beer, wine, daiquiris and punch for free, A and J were there bar all consequences. You can never have too many free drinks. Our motto in life.

The party was full of uni kids, because does anyone know a uni kid who will turn down free drinks? And pretty much everyone has finished their exams by this point.

J managed to find one of the most attractive guys at the party...at least until she discovered he was underage and tagging along with his big brother. J slowly backed away, that is until she realised she could get an introduction with the older brother. Poor kid must have been devestated to see J and his brother hooking up an hour later. Really, where are the family values? In the end though J became convinced the little brother was watching them in a creepy way and made her excuses. She spent the rest of the night dancing up a storm with C and his friends, downing drinks like...well, like they were free.

A was having fun arguing with one of C's friends about football (she does realise the season is over right?) when who should she spot but Hottie, the awesome guy from her work. Now A is supposed to be a non-sexual, she claimed a few months ago that she wasn't having or talking about sex or anything close to it because she was 'over' it. Which doesn't even make sense but sometimes A can be needlessly stubborn. Not tonight though. Maybe it was the free drinks, maybe it was just because Hottie is so damn good-looking (and an otherwise cool guy; he funny and friendly and nice too) but after leaving big brother J spotted A and Hottie making out in the corner and getting very handsy. A swears nothing else happened, but J isn't completely convinced. Either way it's obvious A has thrown away her non-sexual beliefs. Well, apparently he was a very good kisser. He'd have to be. Opinions keep A warm at night. We're pretty sure Hottie won her over when she bought Ramones and Guns N Roses CDs into work the other day and Hottie said, "It's not every day you find a girl who listens to The Ramones and and knows every lyric on Appetite for Destruction. Fucking awesome" before asking her what instrument she plays. A (like H) loves compliements on her music taste. Even still, A could have put up more of fight. Her first test as a non-sexual and she failed miserably. Let's hope she doesn't fail the exam.

B and K really should have ditched work and had some fun.