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The young have something no one else has or ever will have. Time.

It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Monday, November 22, 2010

"Orange Mocha Frappucino!"

Dry shampoo just may be the best invention ever.

Summer is finally here which should mean long, lazy days at the beach and nights at the pub with towering beers and parmas the size opf our heads. Should? Oh yes it does.

K is on placement at the moment which means working 9-5 every day plus her extra shifts waitressing which means she's just too tired to do anything else anyway. B has a bit of extra time on her hands, when she isn't trying to convince herself that one-night-stand wants more than the odd booty call. Gentlemen don't ring at 3am and invite you over for any of the following: movies, night caps, talking, 'fun', etc etc. Of course gentlemen don't do other things...

There's a new guy at J's work and she was getting excited about the new eye candy because Bossman's recently shaved off all his hair and is growing some minature beard thing and has been looking rather odd lately. That is until she met Ronald McDonald. Tall, lanky and with bright red hair. J is not a fan of red hair at all. Not to mention he's one of those wanky 'company policy' types which is never fun. J is determined to hook him up with Bossman at the office Christmas party because as far as she's concerned, making out with Bossman is an important rite of passage. She also caught up with P and S on a night out, just the three of them. P has recently broken up with his boyfriend and bought a whole bunch of $50 mesh underwear, so he was ready to go. S was being a tool as he often is lately but P was being bitchy towards him the whole night so at least J had something to laugh about. S is still doing that thing where he acts like his life is perfect and then has a couple of drinks and starts getting all emo. How exhausting. J doesn't want deep and meaningfuls, especially not after a few drinks. Either you like your life, or you don't. S's pretending is starting to piss us all off.

A and L are in a fight over A's comment that it was L's fault H basically ditched us. Well, it isn't a fight so much as a cold war. They aren't really speaking, but they aren't really fighting. A is usually far more into confrontation than the silent treatment but she just doesn't have the energy to deal with the drama. L seems to be spoiling for a fight which is odd for her, but maybe the tension of losing her boyfriend and her best friend has the cracks starting to appear. Maybe A is too busy stressing over Hottie. She confessed to J and B that she is actually really into him. Maybe it's his good looks. Maybe it's that his hayfever symptoms are ridiculously cute. Maybe it's because he's amazing on a surfboard. Maybe it's everything. Either way it's a total shock because who's ever heard of committment phobic A being into a guy, and admitting it? If she starts going out with him it'll mean everyone's had a boyfriend this year...weirdest thing ever. The problem is A doesn't know have to deal with actually liking a guy, so she's treating Hottie as one of her usualy hook-ups. They've only hooked up the one time, and gone back to their flirty friendship at work.

L has received calls from secret admirer wanting to stay friends. She isn't sure she can handle that because she still isn't really sure what went on in their relationship, except that neither of them particularly want to be with each other and yet at the same time they do. She really wants time to be able to analyse the situation from the outside.

But the problem is, on your own life, it's never really possible to look inside from the outter is it?