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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"It's so emotional I was thinking about wearing waterproof mascara.”

Where in the world is H? She has literally vanished into thin air.

Yesterday L got a call from Miss Priss saying H was packing up all her things and saying she was moving out. It was really quite nice of her to call, we were under the impression Miss Priss didn't like us that much. L, J and A rushed over as soon as they could, but by the time they got there H was gone. Miss Priss explained that H had packed up everything, told her she was moving out and paid the next two months rent before disappearing into the wind. She isn't answering her phone, her emails, her text messaged, her facebook messages and any other technology she's plugged into. And now it would seem she's moved into accidental date's place, although that's an assumption and no one knows for sure. What is going on? L is considering staking out the sex shop just to catch H, except that's she's kind of freaked out by the place.

And yet, when did H become K? She was never the girl who'd ditch her friends for her boyfriend. H usually gets bored of guys really quickly. Committment is not her middle name.

Truth be told, we're actually kind of worried about her. Whe is she reacting to this guy this way? What is accidental date doing to her? Is he threatening her or trying to isolate her and drag her away from her friends? And if so, why is H putting up with that? It's completely out of character for her. And while H loves a bit of time for herself, she's never been uncontactable for this long before. We're all a bit concerned, the way you always are when a friend starts behaving in a way that's completely unexpected.

Maybe the sex shop stake-out isn't a terrible idea...