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The young have something no one else has or ever will have. Time.

It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Friday, March 5, 2010

"Remember to learn to forget, whiskey shots and cheap cigarettes" Green day- Before the Lobotomy

After a stressful 4 days at uni, and signing up for classes which caused L to have panic attacks, A, B, J, L, K and H spent the night downing cranberry and vodkas and red wine hidden in handbags. Sure there are classes on Fridays but it's about time we started skipping some classes.

The night started at a bar K has regularly been kicked out of. Somehow she managed to muscle her way in and claimed she would spent the night sober. Yeah right. Ten minutes later she was going drink for drink with A, which wasn't a good idea on her behalf and might explain why she is going to spend Friday throwing up while A will be heading off to class. It might also explain her later behaviour but that's doubtful.

J and B soon whipped out their cigarettes and took up smoking with a guy who was the son of one of our high school teachers. J was discussing future tattoos while B was querying whether all those stories we'd heard from our teachers were actually true. K, however wasn't pleased about the smoking development. She cracked the shits and walked out of the bar refusing to be 'a part of it' whatever that means. A chased her halfway down the street before rolling her eyes and returning to her red wine.

Half an hour later B gets a call from K demanding to know where she is. Worried about her safety everyone started running down suburban streets, screaming Blink 182 and Rage Against the Machine lyrics. Because really, what's walking the streets without a little bit of madness? K was nowhere to be seen. B started to get worried, because she always thinks she's responsible for K which is ridiculous.

While H and J took a piss in someone's garden B began frantically calling K. A and L were subtly swigging more red wine. K finally turned up on the shoulder of some guy no one had ever seen before. He claimed to be Australian but had a clear kiwi accent and to think he accused A of sounding American. The guy announced he was meeting some friends at another pub that had a band. Everyone loves a band so off we went. The guy continued on his bad first impression by blatently flirting with both J and B. B muttered 'fucking foul' under her breath while K sat there and fumed.

Once the band started everyone was dancing like crazy. A, H and L were sharing a jug of beer until K started pouring it on the floor. In response H tucked the jug under her arm and the the three of them turned away to ignore her. Meanwhile J and B were outside smoking and flirting with these two guys they'd just met. K kept trying to convince them to join the others on the dancefloor but eventually J just told her to fuck off. K disappeared for awhile, only to be discovered by L 2 hours later making out with a different random guy in the alley.

By this point J had discovered the guy she was chatting to was a bad kisser and H was all but passed out on the floor so it was time for a Maccas run and walk home. A, B, J, L and H headed off, not realising until later they'd left K behind. This didn't bother any of them too much. Halfway on the walk they were chased by a bunch of guys on bikes. H screamed about gang rape and started sprinting only to trip over a pile of dirt. A got a leg cramp and managed to fall over while standing up straight. B and J had a water fight using someone's front garden tap.

By the time they reached Maccas they were all exhausted and it had started to rain. Even still, armed with Quarter Pounders and McChickens nothing really seems that bad. Until of course B receieves what can only be described as a screeching phone call from K, moments before a cab sped towards the McDonalds with K's head out the window and her screaming at B to 'get the fuck in'. She'd obviously been crying. B had no choice but to go home with her. The rest of us finished our second dinner (actually third in H's case, she'd had a cheap pizza at the second pub) before continuing our walk. A and J reached home soaked to the core while L and H couldn't take it and jumped in a cab.

Another night dealing with K's crazy antics. But hey, we always have stories to tell the next morning.