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Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Typical. Criminal. What you got? Bitten by black Friday" Grinspoon- Black Friday

Wednesday has become concerting night whenever our favourite bands are in town, which is pretty much every week since we like so many bands. Last week only A and J made it out though due to some frantic study for Thursday due dates. A and J don't care too much about due dates, there's always a party to take priority. They make a good concerting team because they do well at surviving mosh pits together. If L and K don't have a front bar to hold on to, they find themselves drifting backwards faster than Ian Thorpe swims. H and G are a bit better but when things get rough they tend to disappear under a crowd of overgrown men. And B? She's always the one standing behind the pack of people screaming and jumping. A and J always manage to hold their own. A has been known to bite people in the arm while J always manages to end up in front of the sleazy old man grinding into her. How does she get herself into these situations? She always manages to get out of it somehow though. Usually by convincing another (more attractive) guy to act as her possessive boyfriend and tell the sleaze off...with a fist. It was a big night that resulted in several bruises (none to A), J waking up in a strangers bed, and a rush to 10am classes on Thursday morning.
Vodka, lime and soda; cheap wine; and local beers
In the lives of A, J, B, H and L Thursday marks the end of the uni week (never mind most of them have lectures early Friday) and cheap drinks night. Of course H is so low on money these days (now she only has one job, quote 'pushing shit around' whatever that means) she's sneaking plastic bottles of wine into even the cheapest pubs. After a few too many drinks H decided to trash the bathroom, flooding the sinks and ripping all the posters off the walls. J stole one of the curtains. A abused the DJ. And B? She spent the night smoking and flirting with the guy she met at the same place a week earlier, basically having the same conversation and the same cigarettes. Luckily his friend who was into J wasn't present because she was blatently not interested. B seemes particularly nervous about her new guy, perhaps because no one seemed to really approve. Perhaps that's also why she's pretending not to be interested. There are times when you look at a guy hitting on a girl and go 'seriously? he has no chance, she's a 10 and he's a 5'. That's how it is with B and this guy. Except B has a tendancy to be interested in any guy who's interested in her (kinda like twin sister K that way) so he might just get lucky. As long as he stays away from her friends' disapproving glares.
Wet pussy shots and rum and cokes
B and K headed off to one of K's friends' birthday party. They went to a new place which turned out to be very fun for them. Well, B anyway. K chose to wear sky-high heels which never works for her. She always puts them on and changes her mind two seconds later when her feet start aching and puts on flats. She can't handle heels which would be fine if she'd just admit it. But she pretends she'll be okay and spends the entire night whining about her sore sore feet. B had a blast meeting new people and stealing a hat and a pair of sunglasses. K fell over and ended up with a bruised butt.
Skittles vodka and lemonade, pomegranate vodka and passionfruit, red wine
After B's last minute bail, it was A, J, L, H and C who headed out to a house party followed by a club. The house party was a good time. There were plenty of hot guys and J was trying to choose one for the night. H decided to start a dance competition and showed off some of the break-dancing moves she's been learning off a co-worker. C hooked up with some other guy's girlfriend and got involved in a fist fight, so everyone had to leave. C went home to rest his cuts while the other four went to this popular new place in the city only to discover the night's DJ was V. A few shots later and it wasn't such a big deal, especially with the frequent trips outside for a cigarette. Later, as they were on the search for a 4am souvlaki the four of them ran into V in the street. He was clearly on something, lookinf suspiciously like cocaine but who can afford that? He attempted to hug everyone but was clearly rejected by A, a long-time drug hater (odd really considering the rest of her attitude. then again she does always love to be control and drugs send her out of control. let's just call her a control freak).
"Don't fucking touch me!"
H hugged him to be polite, J kissed him on the cheek because that's what she does and L stood there standing still not wanting to touch him but being too shy to refuse. Harden the fuck up L!
Lucky the souvlakis were good.