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Monday, March 22, 2010

"Bizzare, what some men find attractive" - Natasha in Bridget Jones' Diary

Today A went out for dinner with V. We probably wouldn't have even known about it had it not been for later occurances, since A often tries to hide her private life. Well, with V anyway. It's probably due to the love/hate on/off nature of their non-relationship. On Saturday she was talking about 'flattening him like a pancake' and not in a good way. Now shes's...well whatever.

A claimed the only reason she went out for dinner with V was because she was hungry and he asked her (apparently out of the blue). A has been playing what we've been referring to as a 'lovegame' lately (lady gaga anyone?) where she can only eat dinner if a guy takes her out to eat. It's actually partly a diet, an idea we stole from Bridget Jones. Whether it's the book or the movie no one can remember but there's this scene where Daniel Cleaver suggests she lose weight by only eating on dates. This way she'll get thin and get more dates...some kind of circular format. We thought it'd be amusing to try on A since she's so obsessed with food. It's been saving her money but driving her crazy and we have to agree that after Saturday night it was probably only starvation that got A to accept dinner from V.

H has been building a pretend friendship with a guy who goes to uni with A and L. He also happens to be a friend of V's because, well, V knows everyone. H is doing it purely to amuse herself. Basically whenever she sees the guy, let's call him uni guy, she yells out his name and starts waving wildly as if she knows him. It's quite hilarious as he, usually drunk, tries to figure out where he knows her from. She also has quick chats with him every now and then, usually consisting of a 'hey how are you' or 'hows uni?'. The only term that can accurately describe the expression on uni guy's face when he sees her is 'spooked'. Well, a few days ago H continued along her merry way by adding him on facebook. This way she figured she could take their pretend friendship to new levels which of course means new levels of amusement. Only he rejected her. H wasn't happy and made it her mission to find out why. She decided to sacrifice their pretend friendship and told him the truth (H always has been very blunt) about how she was using him to get a laugh but why didn't he add her on facebook? The reason? Noting V was a mutual friend uni guy asked V who the hell H was. His answer? Something along the lines of
"Christ, don't add her! She's a nutcase. That whole group is fucking crazy!"
Huh. Thanks, V.

So on their 'dinner date' A couldn't help but ask why he was paying them all out to practical strangers. After all there's no way we're actually crazy...right? A is not exactly the most subtle person (rather like H) so she was rather upfront in her delivery. "Why the hell are you and uni guy bitching about all of us and calling us psycho-stalker-bitches? We're not fucking crazy!" Which led to V noting that we aren't exactly completely sane and sitiuations that we manage to get ourselves into. Like the time A got drunk, threw up on a bus and got into a fight with a group of school kids. At 2pm...Or the time J was fired from her job as a waitress for having sex with a chef and causing him to burn someone's chicken. Or the time H went skinny dipping with the son of our high school principal...and got caught. Or the time B ended up on a drug bust with people who would later go on to star in Underbelly. Or the time K stalked a guy...like every week. Okay so we're not completely sane. What about V? He tried to skateboard off the roof of a three-story building once. And once he got pulled over by the cops for driving recklessly because some chick was giving him head.

Maybe sometimes honestly isn't the best policy...But let's just say V at least made it up to A for calling us crazy. And H got a call from uni guy inviting her to a party on the weekend. So maybe we are crazy. But we have fun with it.