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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"The Chinese Restaurant" as in the Seinfeld episode

Lately Y has been spotted by everyone, everywhere. Or so it would seem.

It all started when L went out to a new chinese restaurant with her damily for dinner last week. The restaurant was practically empty, but soon after they arrived who was to walk in? Y and his father. Cue awkwardness. L wasn't sure whether she should say hi or not. After all, she doesn't really know Y. Y was J's almost-fuck buddy and almost-boyfriend for awhile. They spent three months furiously making out and exchanging dirty texts before J dropped him because they weren't having sex. It's still unclear why. J believed he couldn't get it up but to be fair, he was usually off his face drunk. Anyway L doesn't know him all that well. B and K do but they weren't there. Still L had seen him several times and was prepared to talk to him. In the end though she didn't have to. He completely barred her. Even though he was seated only a few metres away he didn't look anywhere near her throughout the meal and didn't acknowledge her presnce whatsoever.

Next H spotted him at university. This is not completely out of the blue since they go to the same place. However they are doing completely different subjects and H is only doing part-time this semester so she can work heaps to pay the rent on her huge new place. He barred her as well, turning and walking in the other direction.

K spotted him next, also at university although not the one he or H attends. He tried to get away from her but no one gets away from K that easily. She screamed after him so he turned to face the music.
An interesting sidenote is that K hooked up with (and claimed to fall in love with, although keep in mind she does fall in love at least once a week) one of Y's good friends who never called her back. When Y, J, K and the guy K hooked up with all went out one night after the whole fiasco K kicked him and abused him. Although everyone has seen Y since, no one has seen his friend.
When he realised there was no escaping K, Y had to stop and chat. Because she's a psycho K accused him of barring everyone, even going as far as mentioning the story about him and L in the Chinese restaurant. She started attacking him and told him even though he isn't seeing J anymore she thought she and him were still friends and was upset that he hadn't called her. And until then everyone'd thought K's calling demands were exclusive to boys she wanted a relationship with. Evidently not. Poor Y. It's never fun when someone else makes a huge scene and everyone is staring at some tiny chick screaming at you. Y barely got a word out to K. He tried to apologise but she just yelled over the top of him telling him to stay away from her unless he was going to be a 'loyal' friend.

Looks like no one will be seeing Y for awhile. No wonder he was ignoring everyone.