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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"You're one...just one step in front of me" Gyroscope- OK

Is uni-guy stalking A? After spending four hours at uni yesterday (attending 3 hours of classes...when she was timetabled for 5) she managed to see him not once, not twice but six times. He was sitting right behind her on the tram. He was smirking at her from the coffee shop as she ran to class. She ran into him as she was leaving class. He was sitting only a few feet away from her while she ate lunch. After she passed him in a corridoor he started following her all the way to a lecture theatre. Then he was sitting right in front of her during the lecture. What on earth is going on? A, being A, decided to confront him and asked him why he was following her around. After all, she'd never actually spoken to him before and had tended to actually avoid him following H acting like his friend when she didn't actually know him. The response? "I guess it was just a coincidence. But aren't you V's girlfriend?" V's girlfriend?? Not exactly the title A wants. In fact pretty much the last thing she ever wants to hear. Looks like she's going to be off V and in the process of hating him for awhile yet. No dinner for you A.

L has been having problems with the neighbourhood dog lately. Not a pitbull or a rottweiler like you might expect, but a little fluffy maltese puppy. With very sharp teeth. On both Monday and Tuesday the dog chased her all the way down the street to the tram stop, leaving L too afraid to leave her house. Today she decided to walk a different way, only to be stung by a rogue bee when she fell into a bush. It's just not L's week. She's decided she's going to stay home and study this weekend, all the better to not get eaten by a dog.

Last night J went out with P and they got up to their usual antics. P has a boyfriend but that doesn't make him any less wild. Half-price margaritas and tacos can make anyone a little crazy. They club-hopped to three different places before ending up in a salsa dance club. After they heated up the dance floor everyone was convinced they were a couple which didn't make J too happy because none of the guys were hitting on her. On the maccas run home she was so disappointed that the guys weren't paying her any attention that she started flirting with the guy who served her. As P put it bluntly "no one fucks the maccas guy". J was ashamed, she usually has much better taste than that. Her week got considerably worse when her favourite bartender decided to go shopping in the store where she works...with his girlfriend. The girlfriend spent an hour looking at clothes and asking 'does my butt look big in this' while J cringed and hid behind half unpacked boxes of stock. It doesn't seem to be her week either. is bad luck contagious?

As for B, R is back. He disappeared for a week but it turns out he was in Tasmania doing some walks (well really, what else is there to do there?) and now he has returned. He wants to move back in with B and K (well who wouldn't? Their place is a good size and they don't make him pay rent) and has apologised for making B feel bad. What does that even mean? R explained how he wanted to remain friends and blah blah blah. Essentially he talked her in to letting him live with her again. Does she never learn? K hasn't found out yet, but she will and there's going to be hell to pay. K doesn't want R in her, or B's life. Who can blame her? K had a little crush on R before he and B got together. It was actually more intense than your average crush (then again, it always is with K, she thinks every guy is her soul mate) but she stopped talking about it when B and R got together. She never seemed that happy about their relationship (jealousy) but was even less happy when they broke up. After all the effort H went to in getting rid of him it is especially irritating to have him back like nothing ever happened.

G invited N on a double date with her boyfriend and one of his friends. This was bound to end badly. G's boyfriend's friend is kind of a loser. H went on out on two dates with him last year and summed it up "He doesn't go to uni, he doesn't work and appears to have no ambitions. What's the point? He isn't even good in bed." In addition, N isn't exactly great at dating. She's lovely, but very shy and especially around guys. Since the double date was dinner and required talking it was pretty much a freefall into hell. Since G hates an awkward silence, she spent most of the night desperatly grabbing at straws ('you need to breathe? well so does N!') while everyone else knew that the only way to get out of such a disaster was to cut your losses and go home.

In the end, it really isn't anyone's week is it?