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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"She never loved me why would anyone?" The Vines- Get Free

Monday nights hitting the town? Sure, why not?

J and K decided to enjoy a night out just the two of them because J didn't want to have to see S, who'd invited her over for a DVD night, and K didn't want to meet up with the 'Australian' guy with the kiwi accent. Odd for K, who usually jumps at the chance to see any guy who calls her thinking that the fact that he knows how to write a text message makes up for other flaws such as crap personality or looks.

Either way they went local, crashing what turned out to be some guy's birthday party with all his friends. It was at a club/pub so it wasn't technically gatecrashing but it was practically just them and the birthday group nonetheless. Not that they realised until the end of the night.

J was in a hook-up rather than dance move so she took her cigarettes and her tequila and went and sat in the beer garden. Surprisingly K didn't crack the shits as she does whenever B whips out the smokes. Maybe it's just her sister smoking she doesn't like. J had her eye on a hot guy in a tartan shirt but he disappeared so she found another guy, not quite as good-looking but good-looking enough, to fuse lips and busy hands with. He turned out to be a crap kisser so J moved on to another guy she quite liked and who offered her a light. While she was making out with him she saw tartan shirt guy laughing at her from accross the room. Turns out he, the guy she was currently kissing and her previous guy were all friends and part olf the birthday group! Cringe. She wasn't exactly eager to do anything after that. K had found a fun guy but he had to go home earlier so she was left to her own devices. A few wet pussy shots later (wet pussy shots should really be called 'pussy' shots since there doesn't appear to be any alcohol in them. they're too easy to drink for shots, don't taste like booze and once H had 10 and was still sober for the next hour) she was making out with a different guy when her phone started buzzing with text messages. One of the friends of the first guy she'd hooked up with (they were evidently part of the birthday crew) had seen her with the new guy and rang him. He was apparently pissed off ands started sending her texts calling her a slut. Come on mate, you went home. That's your problem. She doesn't owe you anything.

Meanwhile R has finally moved out of B and K's place. Or rather, been kicked out. Not that B had anything to do with it. Eventually it was up to H to get rid of him, since B was too spineless to do it herself. H, being perfectly bitchy and upfront about it, told R he had 24 hours to evecuate the premises. When he didn't she arranged to change the locks, and, while he was out, packed all his stuff up in cliche black rubbish bags and left them on the street. He found everything a few hours later, including his ipod that had been wiped of all his beloved The Beatles music. He tried to call B, but H knew better and had stolen her phone for the occasion. The only problem now is that T, B's big sister, has become good friends with R and has started inviting him to all their family events. Shouldn't she be on B's side? She's her big sister she's supposed to be protecting her. Either way it's unlikely R will ever be truely out of B's life. Well, until he returns home to Scotland. And even then that's no guarantee. Best to keep it all out of the family sometimes.