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It's true. We are smart, beautiful and...alcoholic.

Monday, March 29, 2010

"Christ! Does it always have to be about them? Just give me a call when you're ready to talk about something besides men" Miranda in Sex and the City

With the mid-semester slump hitting us a week earlier than expected, everyone is starting to freak out a little. The feeling of frustrated helplessness that occurs at this point in the semester is back, with all of us daydreaming of the beach and staying in bed rather than facing the day. Who wants to go to class when it's raining? Who wants to sit on-line tests or read textbooks or write essays even if they're due that day? Not us. So rugged up in our brand new scarfs and leather jackets, and armed with mint-flavoured coffee (creme de menthe) we're ready to party.

H attended uni guy's house party which turned out to be one of the wildest parties she'd been to in like a week. She took along E, because she figured it would be safe to hang around with him now that K has a new boyfriend. The party was one of those ones where no one really needed to drink because everyone was on ice or ecstasy or whatever their drug of choice happened to be. There were pills everywhere and pretty soon E and this other chick were having sex in the corner in fron of everyone, not that anyone seemed particularly bothered. H decided to hang out in the garden where someone had started a huge bonfire and someone was apparently burning dead bird carcasses. Because you know, even that smell is better than watching some guys attempt to shuffle. That was about the last thing she remembers until waking up in a KFC, missing half her clothes and with a new nose piercing. Later someone told her she'd hooked up with one of uni guy's mates who looks like Alice Cooper. As for E, he's going to be spending the next week waiting for the results of an STI check. Nasty.
K went out with end-of-the-train-line and spent the night at his house. She insisted on sleeping on the couch and he wasn't too happy. She asked him point-blank if he only wanted her for sex. His reply? "I want sex but it's not all I want. I mean you're amazing, how could I not want to have sex with you?" They're supposed to be going out on Wednesday but K is now worrying that their relationship is going too fast, physically not emotionally. After all "No one wants to marry thr girl who sleeps with them in 2 weeks". We doubt that's actually true but anyway...
A and J went concerting. They met a pair of what they thought were cool Italian guys and ended up going for drinks afterwoods. One beer later and it was clear they weren't going anywhere but home. When a guy tries to feel you up in front of his friend and your friend when you've only known him an hour and only had one drink it spells sleaze and trouble. A and J called it a night then and there.
T and B ended up staying at home to watch the wog boy. T also invited R, so B had to put up with him for the night. She doesn't have the balls to tell her sister she doesn't want to see R anymore. Of course, she also doesn't have the guts to tell R she wants him out of the house.
L had a family reunion to attend. She didn't drink and didn't meet anyone fun.
J, A, H, L, C, E, P and S all got together for expresso martinis at H's place. H's roomate was there as well, but didn't really join in the fun. He's a bit of a recluse and tends to stay in his room smoking pot. This suits H, who doesn't have the time or the personality to deal with the same person every day. They ended up playing "I never..." the drinking game with apple pie shots (we do cinnamon sprinkled on tongue followed by a shot of vodka and a shot of apple juice). The game goes something like saying "I never (something, like say, had sex on a playground)" and then whoever has done it has a drink. Needless to say everyone got very drunk rather quickly, especially S who's a lightweight. It also got rather awkward on "I've never wanted to have sex with someone I work with" and S drinks while looking straight at J. That was game over because J is trying to avoid sleeping with S. P then dragged everyone off to a gay bar where there was dancing, but C wasn't happy because everyone was hitting on him. E wasn't happy because no one was hitting on him, but really he'd had enough action for the weekend hadn't he?
There are only two seasons we care about: summer and footy season. This weekend, the footy was back, so A, B and K headed off to one game while H and L headed off to the pub to watch another. Going to the footy is an excellent experience, because it's one of the places you can scream out your aggression and no one can tell you off for it. It's one of the best places you yell out the frustration from the mid-semester slump. At the footy, we really are one of the boys, complete with overpriced beer and mear pies. Or, in K's case, chocolate biscuits and potato chips. What kind of Australian doesn't like meat pies?
After the game A,B, K joined J (who was working) for Brandy Alexanders and to gossip about K and end-of-the-train-line. Unfortunately, B kept bringing up R. Because J wasn't pissed off enough at her to begin with. Before J could even tell her off though, A got in. "B we are so sick of talking about R. It's done. It's over. We want to talk about K's new boyfriend now." B got insulted and walked off. No one chased after her, especially not J. In fact, she hadn't uttered a word to B all night. B still hasn't apologised to J about the texting incident. She probably never will. The night ended shortly after that.

Now it's Monday and back to uni. One more week until Easter Break. It's the only thing keeping us together. That and our mint-flavoured coffee.